A Link Between the Covid-19 Virus and 5g Exposure?

From celebrities to physicians, many are voicing theories surrounding the cause of the Corona virus (Covid 19) pandemic. Some researchers claim to have observed that areas most affected by Covid 19 have recently implemented a broad 5g wireless network. As

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Cell Health and Your Cell Phone

Hydration requires drinking adequate amounts of water. Proper hydration requires effective delivery of water into cells. One method to accomplish proper hydration is to improve the electrical activity across cellular membranes. Cells communicate via gap junction systems that pass electrical

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The Diverse Applications of Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

The field of physics proves that when two waves interact according to specific conditions, they superimpose. Given the specific conditions of interaction, waves can combine to interfere with each other and to cancel each other out. Our patented, subtle energy

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The Benefits of a Cell Phone

We would like to express our appreciation for the opportunities of wireless technology. Modern wireless technology, such as a computer or mobile cell phone, promotes the ability to cultivate close communication and form social connections that span the globe. Furthermore,

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The 5G Evolution; An Advancement in Technology; How Can it Affect Us?

According to industry proponents, 5G technology is considered a necessary evolution in wireless transmission to accommodate the increasing number of wireless devices, such as mobile phones, internet transmitting devices and many cutting edge technologies, such as robotics. The technological advancement

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IH2O Water Activation System Frequently Asked Questions

What type of water should I use in the IH2O system? The GIA Wellness IH2O water activation system is designed to convert water molecules into single file alignment. Although it does have antibacterial properties, it is not a water filtration

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How is The IH2O Water Activation System Beneficial?

In 2003, Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Peter Agre proved that water molecules must be aligned in a “single file” structure to be optimally effective within the body. As we begin life, the water molecules within our cells are aligned in

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Cheers To 2019!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year! We are truly grateful for the opportunity to service everyone with life enhancing products. We appreciate our loyal, repeat customer friends and our new customer friends from all areas

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Our Favorite Holiday Gift Pick For 2018

Are you searching for gifts with the health and well being of your friends and family in mind? We offer some of the most practical, cost effective gift ideas for the holiday season! Our favorite pick for the 2018 holiday

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The Differences Between The Cell Guard Classic and Sliver

What is the difference between the classic Cell Guard and the Cell Guard Sliver? Both chips are powered by our scientifically proven, dual- action technologies; MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) and ERT (Energy Resonance Technology).The differences are indicated by their

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