Our Brand

“People can suffer nausea, headaches and muscle pain when exposed to EMF waves from mobile phones, electricity and computer screens”

Health Protection Agency, Britain.

Why Is Our Brand Unique?

MRET, Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, is a state-of-the-art noise field technology.

MRET is the only patented noise field technology on the market and is available exclusively within our MRET powered Cell Guard and Universal Guard chips and more!

From the official scientific investigation into the catastrophic Chernobyl, Russia radiation leak of 1986, MRET is the result of years of research and development in the areas of nuclear physics, engineering and advanced research into the effects of EMF radiation on human cellular physiology by American scientist, Dr. Igor Smirnov.

Dr. Smirnov was awarded a patent for the MRET chip technology by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in April of 2002 for it`s unique polymer composition and radiation counteractive capability that it was developed to successfully accomplish.

MRET has been highly researched and scientifically proven in leading medical establishments and universities around the world to help neutralize the effects of harmful radiation on the human body.

MRET has been featured in respected medical and scientific publications, conferences and congresses.

This unique and innovative shielding device breakthrough is the only patented technology product of it`s kind in the world!


MRET Noise Field Technology

Electromagnetic random noise fields (low-frequency electromagnetic waves) have been shown to interfere with the reception of harmful radiation at the cellular level, producing a form of shielding.

Several controlled scientific experiments have been conducted whereby the superimposing of electromagnetic noise fields onto a radiation wave proved to counteract the biological effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation. This is the precise beneficial action accomplished by the MRET polymer chip once you apply it to any electronic wired or wireless device;

The MRET polymer chip generates biologically active subtle electromagnetic waves which are superimposed onto the initial high frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by the electronic wired or wireless device and thereby has the ability to interact with biological systems to help shield cell receptors from the detection of harmful radiation.

“MRET-Shield material and devices made, when placed in proximity to persons, animals and plants serve to lessen adverse health effects caused by electromagnetic radiation exposure. The material is responsive to magnetic fields, emitting natural electromagnetic oscillations which are beneficial to humans, animals and plants, and off-set harmful aspects of EMR.”

Dr. Igor Smirnov, Ph.D.
Scientist, Nuclear physicist and Inventor of  Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and devices; the MRET activated water system, the MRET shield chip.


Our Technology Is Validated Through Consistent Scientific Research

“There are many technologies that claim to protect against radio frequencies radiation and information carrying radio waves.

Examine the science behind the claims, examine all the science.

I have only seen one technology capable of eliminating deleterious effects of radio frequency radiation and that is through the use of magnetic noise fields. The science is solid and reproducible under repeated investigation.”

“The MRET Shield Device Counts Amongst The Major Scientific Breakthroughs Of The Century”

Dr. Howard W. Fisher

Physician, Internationally Renowned Researcher, Author and Lecturer



Image of patent letterMRET was granted the United States patent no. 6369399 B1 “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device” in April 2002 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Since then, the technology has been recognized world wide.

MRET, Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and ERT, Energy Resonance Technology, have been researched and validated in leading medical centers, universities and laboratories around the world.

• University of Washington (Seattle)
• Catholic University of America
• University of Western Ontario (Canada)
• Columbia University
• Aarhus University (Denmark)
• SI Biomedical Instrumentation Co., San Diego, USA
• University of Toronto, Canada
• Tex Chu Corp. Laboratory, Taipei, Taiwan
• Research Institute for Applied Bioenergetics, USA
• RF Exposure Laboratory, USA
• Elsys Scientific Corp., S. Petersburg, Russia
• Elixir Health Ltd., Singapore

MRET, Molecular Resonance Effect Technology;

• Althea Dx technology, San Diego, USA
• SA Biomedical Instrumentation Co., San Diego, USA
• Tex Chu, Inc., Taipei, Taiwan ROC
• Elsys Corporation, St. Petersburg, Russia
• Quantum Biotech Ltd., Singapore
• RF Exposure Laboratory, Escondido, CA, USA
• Fickes Holistic Care Corp, Honolulu, USA



Patented MRET was featured in several scientific publications;

• The effect of MRET-nylon protective device on human subjects following exposure to RF phone radiation; American Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

• Thermographic Evaluation of the MRET-Shield Polymer on the Reduction of Thermal Effects Caused by Radio Frequency Radiation; Explore Magazine, Vol.18, No.1: 14-17, USA

• The Effect of MRET Polymer Compound on SAR Values of RF Phones; Journal of Microwave Power & Electromagnetic Energy, Vol.42, No.1: 42-54, USA

• The Beneficial Effect of MRET-Shield on Blood Morphology in vitro Following the Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation of Cell Phone; Explore Magazine, Vol.17, No.4, USA

• Polymer Material Providing Compatibility between Technologically Originated EMR and Biological Systems; Explore Magazine, Vol.15, No.4: 26-32, USA

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• Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer; Explore Magazine, Vol.11, No.1: 45-50, USA

• Electromagnetic Radiation Optimum Neutralizer; RSA Magazine, Radiation Safety Associates Magazine, USA


“The MRET Shield Device Counts Amongst The Major Scientific Breakthroughs Of The Century.”
Dr. Howard W. Fisher