“Spanish scientists have discovered that a cell phone call lasting two minutes can alter the natural electrical activity of a child`s brain for up to one hour afterwards”.

Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute


Image of child on cell phone.

“The radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna penetrates much deeper into the heads of children than adults.”

Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, recognized as one of the world`s top experts on the health effects of radiation on the human body.

Image depicting cellphone skull penetration

Computer image comparison of the heads of adults and children demonstrates that cell phone radiation penetrates younger skulls far more deeply than those of adults.

This groundbreaking scientific study was conducted in 1996 by Dr. OM Ghandhi, Ph.D, a highly respected scientist at the University of Utah.

Dr. Ghandhi`s study found the variations in the rates of radiation penetration into the heads of adults, ten-year-old children and five-year-old children.

Dr. Ghandhi`s study compared the average specific absorption rate of radiation (measured in milliwatts per kilogram, or mW/kg) in the three age groups. Dr. Gandhi found that the radiation absorption rates inside the brain (in mW/kg) were;

7.84 in an adult
19.77 in a ten year old child
33.12 in a five year old child

• “The radiation plume that emanates from a cell phone antenna penetrates much deeper into the heads of children than adults. Once it penetrates children`s skulls, it enters their brains and eyes at an absorption rate far greater than it does adults.”

“These differences in exposure are profoundly large and signify potentially serious health risks to children from radio waves-risks far more serious than for adults. This concern also must apply to genetic damage and cancer.”

“The concern is that children are more susceptible to genetic damage because the tissues in their brains and bodies are still growing and their cells are rapidly dividing. Damage to the genetic material in growing cells can lead to disruption of cellular function, cell death, the development of tumors and damage to the immune and nervous systems.”

Dr. George Carlo, Chief Scientist of the world`s largest research effort into wireless safety.

• The California Department Of Health Services concluded after a seven year study that EMF exposure is a risk factor for childhood leukemia and other diseases.

• “In males of all ages, the radiation from a cell phone on a belt, in a pocket or on standby is enough to reduce both sperm count and mobility of surviving sperm.”
Dr. Imre Fejes, University of Szeged, Hungary

• Scientists are now exploring the possible link between laptop computer and game console use and the 50% increase in testicular cancer over the past 20 years. Safe Wireless Initiative

• Dr. David Savitz (one of the foremost EMF researchers) noted increased rates of childhood cancer and leukemia associated with EMFs greater than 2.5 mG . Am J Epidemiology 1988; 128:p21-38.

• A British study suggests that children under the age of sixteen should not be allowed to use a cell phone because they are significantly more vulnerable to suffer health risks than adults because they have “smaller heads,thinner skulls and higher tissue conductivity.”
Stewart W (chairman). Mobile Phones and Health; A report from the Independent Expert Group On Mobile Phones. Chilton IEGMP Secretariat(May 2000)

• The prominent Karolinska Institute of Sweden and Wayne State University, United States, 2007 research study warned that children and teenagers who use their phones late at night are risking lack of proper deep REM sleep which has the potential to alter their moods and lead to personality changes, ADHD-like symptoms, depression, lack of concentration and poor academic performance.
Arnetz BB, Akerstedt T, Hillert L, Lowden A, Kuster N, Wiholm C. The effects of 884 Mhz GSM wireless communication signals on self reported symptom and sleep. An experimental provocation study, 2007.

• Teenagers talk on cell phones an average of 2600 minutes per month.
Safe Wireless Initiative study conducted in Buffalo, N.Y. in early 2005