What Is Radiation?

“EMF radiation is classified as a Group 2B carcinogen under standards established by the World Health Organization`s Agency for Cancer Research. The chemicals DDT and lead are also Group 2B carcinogens”.

National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences

What Is Radiation?


Radiation is frequently referred to as EMFs (electromagnetic fields or frequencies) and EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Cell phone radiation is referred to as (a source of ) “EMFs” and “EMR”, but more specifically as RFs (radio frequencies), radio waves and microwaves. A radio frequency is only one example of the various types and forms of radiation, classified within the electromagnetic spectrum.

EMFs are a combination of electric waves and magnetic waves traveling together at the speed of light; the transmission of radiant energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.

EMFs are produced and emitted by the creation, transmission and use of electricity by any device or appliance, such as a computer, microwave oven and television. Power lines, electrical wiring and electrical equipment might also emit harmful EMFs.

Several scientific research studies have been published, reporting that exposure to EMF radiation can lead to adverse health effects such as headaches, fatigue and memory loss to the more serious consequences of DNA damage and enhanced rates of cancer in human populations.

Scientific research experts and credible authorities from around the world caution us regarding the potentially harmful effects of radiation exposure from our contemporary electronic household appliances, yet we have become accustomed to operating many of these devices on a daily basis without considering the cumulative consequences. An example is that of the magnetic field that emanates from a television. Reports caution that a television can emit intense EMFs for up to 6 feet.

There is substantial evidence reported by scientific research experts and credible authorities advising us to take precautions while operating our wireless technology due to the potentially harmful radiation emissions from these devices. Sources of wireless technology, cell such as phones, computer operating systems and video game consoles, etc., function by broadcasting EMFs through the air and can be a particularly insidious source of EMFs.



In simplified terms, harmful radiation from any source has been defined as “electric pollution.” Scientific research studies from around the world have been conducted, reporting advisories regarding the exposure to such potentially harmful radiation.