Microwave Radiation Runs Deep

Microwave Radiation Runs Deep


Microwave News: March/April 2002

When a very fast pulse of radiation enters the human body, it generates a burst of energy that can travel much deeper than predicted by conventional models. This induced radiation pulse, known as a Brillouin precursor, is at the heart of the continuing conflict over the U.S. Air Forces (USAF) PAVE PAWS phased array radar on Cape Cod.

Brillouin precursors can also be formed by ultrawideband radiation and, in the near future, by high-speed data signals.

Dr. Richard Albanese, a researcher at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, is concerned that the radiation from the PAVE PAWS radar entails widespread human exposure to Brillouin precursors. In a May 23, 2000, letter to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), Albanese warned that this type of phased array radiation has never been tested. He has been working on Brillouin precursors for over 15 years.

The National Academy of Sciences National Research Council has initiated a study to evaluate Albaneses theories at the request of Senator Edward Kennedy (DMA), with funding from the USAF (see MWN,J/F01 and N/D01).