Do You Need Protection?

“Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure and produces a biochemical stress response.”

Dr. Reba Goodman, PhD, Columbia University

Do You Need Cell Phone Radiation protection?


We have become accustomed to operating our household appliances, contemporary electronic devices and high-tech gadgets, such as cell phones, computers and wireless technology on a habitual and daily basis.

Consider the increasing scientific research reports by experts and credible authorities from around the world advising us to take precautions regarding a toxin casually co-existing within our environment. The toxin that is defined as “electric pollution”; the potentially harmful radiation emitted by our household appliances, contemporary electronic devices and high-tech gadgets, such as cell phones. This toxin is odorless, sightless, tasteless and virtually imperceptible by any of our human senses.


“The association between cell phones and disease observed, place cell phone users into a high risk health group.”

• In 2005, Dr. OM Ghandhi, Ph.D, a highly respected scientist at the University of Utah concluded a study reporting “Exposure to radio frequency signals generated by the use of cellular phones have increased dramatically and affect physiological, neurological, cognitive and behavioral changes and induce, initiate and promote carcinogenesis.”Gandhi G A, Singh P. Mobile Phone Users: Another High Risk health group J Hum Ecol. 2005

• The National Institute For Environmental Health Sciences classified EMF (radiation) as a group 2B carcinogen under the standards established by the World Health Organization`s International Agency for Cancer Research. DDT and lead are also group 2B carcinogens.

• The California Department of Health Services concluded after a seven year study that EMF exposure is a risk factor for childhood leukemia and other diseases.

• “In summary, I believe that there is ample evidence that EMF exposure is associated with increased cancer in humans”
Dr. Sam Milham, Washington State Department of Health

• “In all my years of looking at chemicals, I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approach the weight of evidence that we`re seeing with ELF electromagnetic fields. Clearly there is something here.”

Martin Halper, Director of Analysis and Support, Environmental Protection Agency, United States



If you take a moment and just think about it, how many electrical appliances or conveniences do you use daily?

EMF`s effects are on a cumulative basis.

“Humans are electrical creatures. As a matter of fact, our neurological systems function by using electrical currents and we are able to create our own endogenous electricity with no outside mechanisms involved. The human body is obviously affected by electricity, so why would anyone think that EMFs would not have any effects?”

“If individuals are subjected to constant magnetic fields, a resonant vibration affects all of the ions of the body and can change body chemistry.”

Dr. Howard W. Fisher


Is there a scientifically proven method of cell phone radiation protection available?

Electromagnetic random noise fields (low-frequency electromagnetic waves) have been shown to interfere with the reception of harmful radiation at the cellular level, producing a form of shielding.

Several controlled scientific experiments have been conducted whereby the superimposing of electromagnetic noise fields onto a radiation wave proved to counteract the biological effects of harmful electromagnetic radiation.This is the exact beneficial action accomplished by the MRET polymer chip once you apply it to any electronic wired or wireless device;

The MRET polymer chip generates biologically active subtle electromagnetic waves which are superimposed onto the initial high frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by the electronic wired or wireless device and thereby has the ability to interact with biological systems to help shield cell receptors from the detection of harmful radiation.

“MRET-Shield material and devices made, when placed in proximity to persons, animals and plants serve to lessen adverse health effects caused by electromagnetic radiation exposure. The material is responsive to magnetic fields, emitting natural electromagnetic oscillations which are beneficial to humans, animals and plants, and off-set harmful aspects of EMR.”

Dr. Igor Smirnov, Ph.D
Scientist, Nuclear physicist and Inventor of  Molecular Resonance Effect Technology and devices; the MRET activated water system, the MRET shield chip.

The US Patent no. 6369399 B1 “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material and Device” was issued to Dr. Smirnov in 2002. Since then, the technology has been recognized world wide.

“The MRET Shield Device Counts Amongst The Major Scientific Breakthroughs Of The Century”
Dr. Howard W. Fisher