Are Short Calls Safer?

“Talking 500 minutes per month on a cell phone increases the probability of brain cancer by 140%”.

Wireless Technology Research

Are Short Calls Safer?


“There Is No Way To Know Whether Ten One Minute Calls Are Better or Worse Than One Ten Minute Call In Terms Of Health Risk”.

“The cell phone is really a radio that sends information signals on waves to a base station sometimes several miles away. To cover the distance, the signal is pushed by a burst of power which is the source of the radiation we are most concerned with. The farther the base station, the more power needed to carry the signal, the more power, the more radiation generated and the greater the danger. The length of your call or even the number of calls you make, for that matter, are not as important in terms of the radiation as where you are when you make the call relative to the base station”.

Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist, epidemiologist, lawyer, founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute, recognized as one of the world`s top experts on the health effects of radiation on the human body.