The Diverse Applications of Molecular Resonance Effect Technology

The field of physics proves that when two waves interact according to specific conditions, they superimpose. Given the specific conditions of interaction, waves can combine to interfere with each other and to cancel each other out.

Our patented, subtle energy technology, MRET, is a noise-field technology that has been scientifically proven and specifically engineered to mitigate the harmful impact of electromagnetic radiation on humans, animals and plants by reducing radiation absorption.

Our MRET powered energy products, such as our Cell Guard, emit a low frequency noise field that superimposes over the harmful high frequency radiation of your cell phone to help neutralize the harmful affects thereof.


The Affect of MRET on Liquids; Single File Alignment

Nobel Prize winning research confirms that in order for our body to be effectively hydrated, water and other liquids we consume need to be in a single-file alignment (SFA) in order to be optimally absorbed by our cells.

When the naturally chaotic structure of water molecules is reordered into a single file alignment (SFA), water becomes three times more hydrating and subsequently, helps flush out toxins from our cells.

Water is thereby optimally absorbed and utilized by our body.

As an inherent process in babies, our body converts chaotic water molecules into a single file, allowing for rapid hydration. However, as we age, this inherent water conversion process is hindered and slows down.

When liquids, such as water, are exposed to the subtle energy technology MRET, the process renders a single- file alignment.

Implementing SFA technology, water becomes 400-500 times more liquid and is absorbed by our body system more rapidly. Drinking one glass of Gia`s i-H2O is like drinking three glasses of typical water!

MRET not only powers our Cell Guard chips and other products, it also powers our i-H2O water activation system.

State-of-the-art technology, scientifically proven.