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IH2O Water Activation System Frequently Asked Questions

What type of water should I use in the IH2O system? The GIA Wellness IH2O water activation system is designed to convert water molecules into single file alignment. Although it does have antibacterial properties, it is not a water filtration

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How is The IH2O Water Activation System Beneficial?

In 2003, Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Peter Agre proved that water molecules must be aligned in a “single file” structure to be optimally effective within the body. As we begin life, the water molecules within our cells are aligned in

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Does MRET Affect The Clarity Of My Cell Phone Conversation?

Will the Cell Guard chip affect the clarity of my cell phone conversation? According to the 2006 scientific study performed at RF Exposure Laboratory in Escondido California, the standardized models of the human head were implemented to demonstrate the shielding

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