Does MRET Affect The Clarity Of My Cell Phone Conversation?

Will the Cell Guard chip affect the clarity of my cell phone conversation?

According to the 2006 scientific study performed at RF Exposure Laboratory in Escondido California, the standardized models of the human head were implemented to demonstrate the shielding effects of the MRET polymer.

The human head model simulates the RF absorption characteristics of human tissues when exposed to radio frequency radiation from a cell phone.

The results proved that the MRET polymer generates specific subtle, low frequency and non-coherent electromagnetic oscillations, which renders the reduction of the absorption rate of the electromagnetic field by living tissue.

As the reduction of SAR values was confirmed, the results also demonstrated that the application of the MRET polymer technology to RF phones (cell phones) does not significantly affect the air measurements of RF phone signals and subsequently, does not lead to significant distortion of transmitted RF signals.


Our Cell Guard chip technology was scientifically proven to reduce the absorption rate of EMFs, yet, does not significantly distort the clarity of your cell phone conversation.


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