How is The IH2O Water Activation System Beneficial?

In 2003, Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Peter Agre proved that water molecules must be aligned in a “single file” structure to be optimally effective within the body.

As we begin life, the water molecules within our cells are aligned in such a single file and thereafter, our body continues to convert the water that we consume into this single file structure; “single file alignment” or SFA.

However, as our bodies age, our ability to convert the water we consume into this optimal single file alignment decreases and our body’s hydration levels become increasingly compromised.

In 2000, scientist and engineer Igor Smirnov was granted US patent 6,022,479 for the development of the device and technology that powers the IH2O water activation system.

The IH2O water activation system transforms pure water into single file alignment!

Many types of water products on the market introduce foreign substance to alter the molecular structure of water.

Smirnov`s water activation device has the unique ability to alter the molecular structure of water without introducing foreign substance;

Implementing a non chemical technology process, Smirnov`s patented technology can affect the atomic and molecular structure of water to render a single file alignment.

According to scientific testing results, beneficial physiological effects on human cells have been observed.

Smirnov activated water helps support the body`s inherent ph balance processes and cellular hydration health.

This remarkable activated water has also proven to have antibacterial properties.

In addition, scientific experiments demonstrated that Smirnov activated water enhanced the growth rate and viability of plants.

Smirnov`s patented technology powers the IH2O system device and has demonstrated to be beneficial to animals, plants as well as humans!