Cell Health and Your Cell Phone

Hydration requires drinking adequate amounts of water.

Proper hydration requires effective delivery of water into cells.

One method to accomplish proper hydration is to improve the electrical activity across cellular membranes.

Cells communicate via gap junction systems that pass electrical energy from one cell to the next.

The electrical energy flow of cells is vital to cellular communication.

Physicians and researchers advise reducing your exposure to emfs to obtain adequate hydration.

When exposed to environmental stressors, such as emfs, our cells can be damaged and begin to resonate at irregular frequencies, preventing proper energy flow and cell to cell communication.

This lack of energy flow across the cells can ultimately lead to dehydration, resulting in toxin accumulation.

Efficient oxygen is derived from proper hydration.

Our bodies manufacture oxygen from a process called hydrolysis (of intracellular water into hydrogen and oxygen).

Our Cell Guard chips contain a high tech compound that is charged with MRET- Molecular Resonance Effect Technology.

The compound is stimulated by emfs from your cell phone, which trigger the technology into action. The Cell Guard technology begins to oscillate, emitting a low frequency noise field, that superimposes over the harmful high frequency emf wave. Science demonstrates that this process renders and incoherent wave, reducing the harmful impact of emfs to the cells.

Our proprietary ERT; Energy Resonance Technology, has been scientifically proven to support cell to cell communication.

ERT-charged carriers emit a subtle energy field, restoring vital communication across the human biofield by assisting the transmission of signals that improve and support resistance to stressors, such as emfs.

Our IH2O water system creates super-liquid water that is 400-500 times more liquid than conventional water.

Utilizing a US patented process and backed by Nobel Prize winning science, the IH2O system provides a single-file-aligned activated water molecule, which helps rapidly deliver intracellular water to hydrate, oxygenate and flush out toxins from the body.

Implement the cumulative benefits of our state-of-the-art technologies to help support your cell health!