Our Favorite Holiday Gift Pick For 2018

Are you searching for gifts with the health and well being of your friends and family in mind?

We offer some of the most practical, cost effective gift ideas for the holiday season!

Our favorite pick for the 2018 holiday season is our Gia Wellness Car Harmonizer. This small, lightweight gadget is powered with Gia`s ERT and Dr. Igor Smirnov`s MRET.

An auto engine not only generates power to drive your car, but might also generate unwanted EMFs within the passenger cabin, inside your car! Our patented and powerful MRET will function to help neutralize any stray EMFs that may enter into your cabin space. Just place the Car Harmonizer in the center console of your car and enjoy an energetically harmonious environment inside your car! You can also attach it to your key chain.We place one Car Harmonizer in our car console and carry a second on our keychain.

Although the Car Harmonizer was designed for your automobile, we also appreciate the key chain feature on this mighty gadget, it enables us to take it wherever we go to help guard us from any EMFs we may encounter during the day. We enjoy the “Mobile MRET” feature!

It also includes a solar charger for many of your electronic devices and a bright LED flashlight. The males on your holiday list that enjoy new gadgets will appreciate it and you will appreciate that your loved ones are guarded from EMFs!

Gift it to your friends and family, in addition to the modern tech gifts and gadgets you give for the holidays!

The Car Harmonizer is our favorite holiday gift pick for the 2018 season!

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